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TraxID, LLC is an information technology company with decades of hardware and software experience. We offer enterprise software solutions to companies who need to manage mission critical operations in multiple locations including field operations. Our solutions have been proven in managing end-to-end business processes of large oilfield equipment inspection operations internationally. Our patented software platform enables us to effectively customize the solutions to meet your business needs and quickly adapt to the ever changing operation requirements and specifications.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions to solve your business needs without spending an excessive amount of time in learning how to use the system, and without the rigid software processes as many ERP systems do. We are highly rated by our customers for our fast response to our customer needs and go above and beyond to support our customers.



Intellispect, field service software that runs on a laptop or tablet computer that supports both online and offline modes. Data can be synced up to the cloud when Internet connectivity is available via Wi-Fi or mobile network. Software and work templates can be remotely updated via the cloud for added adaptability and efficiency. For enhanced security, local data is encrypted and backed up periodically. User accesses and activities can be tracked and managed via the cloud.


TraxPortal, a cloud based software portal, provides a centralized way to manage all field devices and users, create and assign works, approve work orders and invoices, search historical reports, and generate management and analytical reports.
TraxClient is a cloud based software portal for clients to access reports and tickets, search historical data, and to approve invoices.


Customization is our design motto of the solutions suite. It is built on a modular concept which shortens the design and implementation time, and allow flexibility to adapt to our customer business processes. Solutions can be customized to support proprietary workflows, approval processes, work order screens and fields, reports, and back-end system integrations. With our expertise in RFID and hardware development, hardware devices can be seamlessly integrated into the solutions, too.


We understand each customer has their unique way of running operations that makes the business profitable. Our goal is to fit the software solutions to the existing processes, and we may also suggest process improvements by using our software solutions. Our customers were impressed by our value added process re-engineering over the years. We are not just selling the best software for the industry but the best software that works for your company.


Data collected from all field services can be analyzed and presented in interactive graphs, charts, and tables online. The analysis includes trends, inspection or service results, financial and operations projections, and operation throughput, etc. Analytical results can also be put into reports and downloaded from the cloud. Ways to analyze the collected data are endless and we are confident in having an analysis package that fits your needs.


Customer support is one of our strengths that our customers praise about. We provide software support, maintenance releases, and emergency releases to meet critical timeline. In addition, we provide support to field users to recover data due to damaged devices or operation errors. We also provide help to resolved workflow errors in the field. We offer training to operation managers, end users, and onsite support.